Abba's House

 Ab - Abba

ABBA FATHER  -  He is the beginning!    A and B are the beginning of the alphabet,  and are the beginning of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph and Bet.  Life begins with a father. Ab is "father".   ABBA is a palindrome and calls Him Father both forward and backward!   Therefore, he is Everlasting.  Even at the end,  He is the beginning.  His Name is YAHWEH.  I like to call Him Abba YAHWEH.

To abide in His House,  we must be His sons.  His sons are known by the way they walk.  They walk in His footsteps and follow His path.  The House is His very WORD.   He gave His Word to be the light to our pathway.   Psalm 119:105. 

The 119th Psalm covers the entire alphabet.  It is a good reading for the beginning of each month. Try reading it aloud,  and standing for the reading.  It is full of instruction, and praise for Abba's Word.

The House Not Made With Hands

"Where is the house that ye build unto me?"   Isaiah 66:1

 When King David wanted to build a house for God,  God sent a prophet to him,  and told him that He (God) would build a house for David.  He would build David a household that would last forever.  David once said his greatest desire was to dwell in the House of the LORD.  God is Abba,  the Father.  His household is made of sons.  All sons have a father.  A loving father is often called "Daddy".  Jesus called the Father "Abba", 

 This site is intended to serve as an invitation to dwell in Abba's House,  the Father's house,  In time,  I hope to see it filled with tables and chairs soon,  where you can come and partake of the Bread of Life.

 Martha Martin